Ignite Opportunities

Opportunity placement through Ignite



LPC-Ignite exists to educate, train, and equip emerging leaders to discover and pursue their life mission.


Once students have graduated from our program, we want to assist in deploying them into churches and organizations in the United States and around the world. Each student has specific experiences and passions and are looking for an opportunity that fits them the best.

Student and Opportunity Anonymity

We are working to maintain the anonymity of our students while promoting them to future opportunities. In order to accomplish both of these goals, our students are identified by their first and last initial, with a description of what they are looking for in ministry, as well as what they can offer to a potential employer.

Employment and internship opportunities will be posted with the state they are located in and a preliminary information of the position available.


Students listed on this website are currently looking for employment or ministry opportunities for when their time at LPC–Ignite comes to a close. These students have graduated from LPC–Ignite’s Associates program and are in the process of attaining a Bachelor’s degree.

On the Intern page, each student is categorized into one of six categories. In each category, students are listed with a biography explaining their passions and interests, their needs, and their experiences. 

On the Opportunities page, employment and internship opportunities are categorized. In each category, the job description is listed with preliminary information about the position.

To begin the interview process, click "Read more" for a student's or job’s listing, select "Request Information", and fill out the form to start the communication process.