Ignite Opportunities

Opportunity placement for students and grads


LPC-Ignite exists to educate, train, and equip emerging leaders to discover and pursue their life mission.


  • Current students are looking for internships

  • Graduates are looking for jobs

  • Ministries and businesses are looking for trained and equipped students and graduates


  • Student anonymity is for the initial inquiry to keep the focus on the opportunity, interests, and the qualifications of the students.

Steps for students

  1. View the For Students page information on opportunities

  2. Select the category of the opportunity you are interested in

  3. View each individual opportunity and select “More Information” if interested in further contact

  4. Apply to the site to have your information viewed by potential employers

Steps for Ministries and Businesses

  1. Apply to have your opportunity posted on the site

  2. View For Employers and the category desired. If interested in contacting the intern further, select “More Information”