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J.S. — Youth & Children's Pastor

Interests / Passions: 

I enjoy community and the church has always been home for me. I have been passionate about youth for over ten years. I have experience and enjoy working in worship and children's ministries. I have the desire be involved with outreach ministries in whatever position I go into. My heart is to reach the lost and disciple people to love God more and better understand what they believe.


Coming out of school, I will have student loans. With that being said I won't have a lot of money so I will need help. I do not mind getting a second job to support myself. The more the church can help me the better. If I was put in charge of a ministry, I would love to have a committed ministry budget because I will not have much to give myself. I need to be growing and maturing in my relationship with Christ.


  • AA in general studies (Ignite–Life Pacific College)
  • Enrolled in Degree Completion Program via Life Pacific College receiving a BA in ministry and leadership.
  • I interned in 2015 for Ignite, which consisted of assisting with youth camps. I preached at two of the camps and lead worship for a couple of them. I led small groups at most of the camps. 
  • I have experience in worship both here at Ignite and my home church. This involves leading as well as being part of the team. I also have experience on the administrative side - printing music, contacting members, and coordination with the pastor. I am acquainted with a click track and MD (Music Director).

A.M. — Children's, Youth & Associate Pastor


When thinking short-term, I can truly say that I have a heart to do anything in the church. Growing up in the church I was exposed to every area of ministry whether that was me being a part of the youth or children’s ministries or whether that was helping out with missions teams and ushering. As for long term I hope to be in the missions field, bridging the gap between cultures. I know God is preparing me for the missions field even now, so the experiences I gain now will help me attain that passion of mine.


I would need housing, some type of payment depending on if I will be able to have a second job with the position. I would like for the position that I step into not to have a time frame, but would be flexible with me, allowing God to move me or keep me there. I would like for the church to give me the opportunity to become licensed through Foursquare as well. 


I have received my AA degree in General Studies with a Biblical emphasis. I am also currently in my junior year here at Ignite working on my BA degree in Ministry and Leadership through LPC—Ignite. At my home church,  I was working in the youth ministry, children’s ministry, dance and drama ministry and I helped out in the missions department. With Ignite, I have had the privilege of being a part of a small worship team, children’s ministry, youth ministry, hospitality, small group leader, administration and usher/greeting. Being at Ignite, the one thing that has been ingrained in me is to be flexible and to serve where there is a need. 

S. S. — Children's Ministry


I am passionate about children because there is such an opportunity for ministry with children. They believe that they can be anything they want, and I want to encourage them in a positive way to keep reaching for the highest potential that they can; to not give up. The adolescent stage is critical because that's where they begin to become the person they will be - character wise. If I can help them have a good character and teach them to be ethical, as well as give them a godly foundation, then that's what I want to do.

Long term, I want to counsel women and children in sex trafficking because I feel passionate about that. I want to make the people around me more aware that sex trafficking isn't just a thing in other countries, but that it happens here in America. I think that churches also should be more aware of it and find an organization that helps making sex trafficking aware and help them out in any way possible. I would really enjoy helping a church with that and setting up some sort of contact between the two.


I am looking for a paid, part-time position in a church or ministry. I will need a place to stay, and possibly help with transportation. I am looking for an internship that will help me build my experiences towards my long-term goal of counseling. 


I am currently working on my Associate's degree through LPC–Ignite and will be graduating at the end of this semester. After that, I plan on getting my Bachelor's degree through Life Pacific College. I have served in children's ministry at Hagerstown, MD for a summer internship and I have helped out at kid's camp. I will be an asset to your ministry because I love children and I love finding their potential and helping them achieve it. 

L.D. — Children, Youth & Worship Ministry


I would like to a part of children's and middle school - youth ministry, as well as worship ministry. If I had to pick one or the other, worship ministry would definitely be the one that I am more passionate about. If there are any positions that have to do with community outreach/development, missions work, intercultural ministry, and discipleship, I would absolutely love to get more experience in these areas! Thinking long term, I would like to be involved in international mission work in the medical field, as I am studying to be a nurse. I know that God has called me to love the less fortunate by facilitating healing not only physically and mentally, but also emotionally and spiritually. The Lord has really given me a heart for East African cultures, so I would love to gain ministry experience in that area, but I am not limiting myself to learning and loving ALL people of any culture!


I would like a stipend and housing commitment so I can be better invest in my areas of ministry. However, I plan on still getting a job to support myself and be involved in the community I live in. If given a pastoral position, I would love to get my licensure through Foursquare as I feel that it would be useful to have with my long term plans. If I would be the leader of a ministry (e.g. youth ministry), I would like to have a committed ministry budget so I would not have to pay for everything out of pocket, but can still invest in my ministry. 


I received my AA in General Studies with a Biblical emphasis through LPC—Ignite and am currently working on a Bachelor's of Science - Nursing from Radford University. Currently, I am serving at Ignite as the Worship Intern as we as a Resident Advisor for students. I have experience in children's ministry, nursery, and youth ministry both through my home church and through Ignite, in local churches as well as abroad on mission trips. I also had the privilege to co-lead the planning and implementation of the "tweens" program for the 2015 Foursquare Convention. I think my experiences and my passions would be an asset to a church/ministry as I enjoy organizing and administrating, and have such a big heart for the health of the church. In any area of ministry I serve in, I know I would give everything I can to maintain or better the health of a ministry/church and that the Lord would teach me something valuable in the process.