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Opportunity placement through Ignite

C.D. — Youth Pastor


I wish to work with youth and young adults primarily. I would love a chance to work with and one day lead groups to see the growth and plan God has in their lives to change the world. I wish to work with any outreach ministry from the church and hopefully include the youth and young adults for outreaches and also any missions. I believe serving both inside and out of one's community is vital and I wish to continue working in it beyond my time here at ignite in the form of outreaches and mission trips, perhaps getting a chance to lead in these aspects as well.


I am looking for a full time job that I could commit to, but would not be against being bi-vocational if necessary. If working part time, I am hoping for any assistance in housing in any way. I'm also looking to go through the licensing process and to be in my next ministry position for several years, to grow and learn from those over me.


I am finishing up my Associates degree this year and look to start on my Bachelors degree in leadership and ministry through Life Pacific College and their Degree Completion Program. For the first year of this program, I will need to be on Ignite's campus. In this time I will be working with the school as either a small group leader or as an intern. At Ignite I have served in a number of different aspects such as cleaning, working grounds, serving in soup kitchens and in churches Sunday mornings.  I have had the privilege to work in kids ministry, usher/greeter position, even preaching a sermon on a Sunday morning. I have done similar things before Ignite at my home church, including working with and helping lead the church's youth group.

I would be a great addition to any church or ministry because of my trainabliity, my work ethic, and my experience and training for ministry that I have received during my time here at Ignite. I am not just open for being trained and mentored but I am searching it out. During my time of preparation at LPC—Ignite, I have kept in mind that I am training for ministry and serving others. With such great leadership and education I have had, I have built up a solid base to go out and build upon.