Ignite Opportunities

Opportunity placement for students and grads

C.B. — Youth Ministry & Administration


I would like to work with youth ministries, especially with summer camps. I have a passion for the organization and administration of summer camps. I also enjoy being able to be a part of the ministry that happens at camp. I am not sure what my long term ministry looks like, but I would like to be placed under a pastor that is wiling to invest in me and teach me more about discipleship. I also enjoy hands on learning by practicing discipleship, personally and to others. 


I am looking for housing to be provided. However, I would like the ability to have a second job, so that I may cover my own expenses. A salary or stipend would be appreciated. Having a spiritual mentor who is willing to step up and be my mentor is important to me. I have a lot to learn and I strive to be teachable. I am good and quickly filling in where needed, but I would like to learn more about being a solid member and leader of a church.


I am about to graduate from LPC—Ignite with my Associates degree. Being a part of the Ignite program I have done a significant amount of community service hours. I am flexible in what I can do and what I can learn. I have worked in sound, children's church, youth, nursery, hospitality, food pantry, outreach projects, dramas, and administration. I have found that I work best in sound and youth.