Ignite Opportunities

Opportunity placement for students and grads

L.D. — Children, Youth & Worship Ministry


I would like to a part of children's and middle school - youth ministry, as well as worship ministry. If I had to pick one or the other, worship ministry would definitely be the one that I am more passionate about. If there are any positions that have to do with community outreach/development, missions work, intercultural ministry, and discipleship, I would absolutely love to get more experience in these areas! Thinking long term, I would like to be involved in international mission work in the medical field, as I am studying to be a nurse. I know that God has called me to love the less fortunate by facilitating healing not only physically and mentally, but also emotionally and spiritually. The Lord has really given me a heart for East African cultures, so I would love to gain ministry experience in that area, but I am not limiting myself to learning and loving ALL people of any culture!


I would like a stipend and housing commitment so I can be better invest in my areas of ministry. However, I plan on still getting a job to support myself and be involved in the community I live in. If given a pastoral position, I would love to get my licensure through Foursquare as I feel that it would be useful to have with my long term plans. If I would be the leader of a ministry (e.g. youth ministry), I would like to have a committed ministry budget so I would not have to pay for everything out of pocket, but can still invest in my ministry. 


I received my AA in General Studies with a Biblical emphasis through LPC—Ignite and am currently working on a Bachelor's of Science - Nursing from Radford University. Currently, I am serving at Ignite as the Worship Intern as we as a Resident Advisor for students. I have experience in children's ministry, nursery, and youth ministry both through my home church and through Ignite, in local churches as well as abroad on mission trips. I also had the privilege to co-lead the planning and implementation of the "tweens" program for the 2015 Foursquare Convention. I think my experiences and my passions would be an asset to a church/ministry as I enjoy organizing and administrating, and have such a big heart for the health of the church. In any area of ministry I serve in, I know I would give everything I can to maintain or better the health of a ministry/church and that the Lord would teach me something valuable in the process. 

C.B. — Youth Ministry & Administration


I would like to work with youth ministries, especially with summer camps. I have a passion for the organization and administration of summer camps. I also enjoy being able to be a part of the ministry that happens at camp. I am not sure what my long term ministry looks like, but I would like to be placed under a pastor that is wiling to invest in me and teach me more about discipleship. I also enjoy hands on learning by practicing discipleship, personally and to others. 


I am looking for housing to be provided. However, I would like the ability to have a second job, so that I may cover my own expenses. A salary or stipend would be appreciated. Having a spiritual mentor who is willing to step up and be my mentor is important to me. I have a lot to learn and I strive to be teachable. I am good and quickly filling in where needed, but I would like to learn more about being a solid member and leader of a church.


I am about to graduate from LPC—Ignite with my Associates degree. Being a part of the Ignite program I have done a significant amount of community service hours. I am flexible in what I can do and what I can learn. I have worked in sound, children's church, youth, nursery, hospitality, food pantry, outreach projects, dramas, and administration. I have found that I work best in sound and youth. 

B.Y. — Missions & Associate Pastor

Interests & passions

My biggest passion is for overseas missions and outreach. I also have a passion for Biblical education, teaching, and discipleship. I am skilled in and enjoy administration work and am looking to continue my training in that position as well. Mostly, I am looking for a position in the church that will continue to stretch me in my abilities and my training. I am willing to serve in most areas of ministry and am willing to learn whatever is necessary for those positions.


I am looking for a paid, part-time or full time position at a church. If it is a part-time position, I will need the freedom and opportunity to find a secondary part-time job. I am looking to pursue missionary training and opportunities to serve outside of the country, so I will need freedom in my schedule to pursue those opportunities that God brings me. I am looking to be licensed as a Foursquare minister in my next ministry position.


I have graduated from the Ignite Program with my Associate’s Degree in General Studies, and also have graduated from Life Pacific College with my Bachelor’s degree in Ministry and Leadership. At LPC-Ignite, I have served as a Resident Advisor, Ministry Leader, Missions Team Leader, and an intern in the Ignite Offices, doing administration, coordinating events, and planning mission trips. I have experience in dramatic arts and the audio/visual aspects of worship ministry. I am currently interning in Nicaragua this summer, working with a church down here, assisting the pastors, working with Compassion International, helping receive short term teams, and planning events for the church. I am in the process of learning Spanish as well.